Corrugated Sheets

Sometimes you just need corrugated sheets. Franklin Mountain Packaging (FMP) can create them like no other. FMP is uniquely capable of forming the single-face web and the outer liner in only one thermal cycle. Creating corrugated sheets this way allows for digital and flexo post-print of the highest quality with optimum strength.

FMP can offer production capabilities with specialty and conventional liners (for example, PE, PET, clay-coated, silver, or gold coatings). 

FMP produces a micro-flute corrugated board that can be substituted for a solid board with considerable paper savings. Micro-flute boards (F and N flute) have enhanced printability and folding capabilities, while still offering a more rigid package than a folding carton.

As an open market supplier of high-quality, cost-effective, high-volume, and short-order products, we are dedicated to our customer’s success.

Our Corrugator

With the QUANTUM, the formation of the single-face web andthe application of the outer liner is achieved in only one thermal cycle.QUANTUM board allows for digital, offset flexo post-print of the highestquality with optimum strength. FMP offers production capabilities withspecialty and conventional liners (for example, PE, PET, clay-coated, silver,or gold coatings). The QUANTUM also produces a micro-flute corrugated boardthat can be substituted for solid paperboard offering  considerable paper savings.

All shapes and sizes

FMP has a wide selection of board grades available.

  • All conventional grades are manufactured and delivered
  • Flute Profiles available - E, F, B, C, EB, EC, EF, and BC
  • Liners available - Test, Kraft, Mottled, White, Kemilite, Fully Clay Coated
  • Single face corrugated can also be manufactured